Transformational leadership – how good is your leadership?

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How good is the leadership in your care service? Transformational leadership can help you lead your service to be the best it can be.

One of the challenges facing the care service managers I work with, when we are working to improve how the service manages medicines by changing systems and processes, is a reluctance or fear of change within the teams. New systems and ways of working can be daunting for teams and how each individual responds to the change will depend on many things, but must importantly, the leadership within the service.

I have seen this often in my career in various settings and have always been struck by the importance of the role of the manager or team leader. How they inspire and motivate the team and bring them with them on the journey, or, how they use a ‘carrot and/or stick’ approach to get the job done is always an indicator of what the level of success will be.

That difference between ‘transformational’ and ‘transactional’ leadership is the key to whether staff buy in to and shape a change, and so, contribute to its success, or, drag their heels or have to be pushed to make the change and slow progress.

As well as being a key indicator in the Quality Framework for the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, how good a care service’s leadership is will be an important contributor to how successful any service improvements are.

So, I am excited that we are now able to offer care service managers and management teams a training course in transformational leadership with Trish McGlynn, an accredited transformational leadership coach.

This two day course will provide care managers with the leadership skills to change culture by motivating and inspiring their teams through a shared vision, as well as resilience and time management tools to help managers care for themselves so they can be at their most effective in the workplace.

For more information on the course, or to book a place click here.

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