Using improvement methodology to implement systems change

 In healthcare, medicines, training

While visiting a care service last week for a review, it made my day to see them using improvement methodology to implement systems changes without really thinking about it. Trying out a small test of change in one unit, finessing it and then gradually spreading what worked to other units means they are improving the whole service without overwhelm and learning as they go.

Weaving quality improvement methodology into all of our training and consultancy at Aaen Care is really starting to pay dividends for the services we support and I highly commend it as a way of working to all of our clients.

At Aaen Care, we can provide training in all aspects of medication and healthcare for health and social care providers, with quality improvement at the core, as well as offering training in quality improvement methodology as a standalone course.

For more information, email francesca@aaencare.com

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